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Appeals, Requests to Condone & Supplementary Assessments: Semester B (2016)

It is vital that you follow the correct procedures when appealing an individual result, request to have a final subject grade condoned, or applying for a supplementary assessment.


By not following the correct procedures as set out in the BMH 2016 Student Rulebook you  run the risk of:

  • wasting time
  • missing deadlines
  • applying for the incorrect intervention.


It is your responsibility to ensure that you are familiar with BMHs policies and procedures regarding:

  • appealing an individual result
  • requesting to have a final subject grade condoned
  • applying for a supplementary assessment
  • the time frames and eligibility requirements of each.


For more information please consult your BMH 2016 Student Rulebook or visit the Policies & Procedures page by clicking here.