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Keeping Your Home Warm in Winter

With winter well on its way here are a few budget-friendly tips on how to keep your home warm during those cold winter evenings.


Let the Sun Shine In

The sun is a free and natural source of warmth, especially in winter. Once the sun is up open the curtains in rooms that get sunlight and allow the sun to warm things up for you.

Close the Curtains

I know…I just told you to open them BUT as soon as dusk falls closing your curtains will help you retain heat which escapes via cold windows. Curtains aren’t just for decoration, in the winter months they play a practical role in helping keep your home warm.

Pick a Room

Decide which room you intend on spending most of your time in (e.g. the lounge) and then close the doors leading to it, that way you create a smaller, insulated space that is easier to heat and keep warm.

You should also close the doors of rooms that aren’t being used (e.g. bathrooms, bedrooms etc.) this will prevent cold air from circulating around the house.

Cover the Floors

Many South African homes have tiled floors, which are great in summer but suck up any warmth in the room in winter. Carpets and rugs, like curtains, aren’t just for decoration they too help to keep rooms warm.

Seal Any Leaks

Check your windows and doors for gaps that allow cold air to creep in through and warm air to escape.

A cheap and effective way of stopping cold air sneaking in from under doors is by using a “door snake” or door draft stopper, these can be bought ready made or you can easily make your own:

  • The Pool Noodle Draft Stopper – cut a pool noodle in half, insert it into a pillow case or sheet, secure the noodle to the fabric with a safety pin and it’s ready to use.

pool noodle draft stopper

  • The Stocking Draft Stopper – cut the leg off of an old pair of stocking or tights, stuff it like a sausage with old pillow stuffing, scrap material, other old stockings or socks, even shredded paper, tie a knot at the open end and place it in front of your door.

sock door draught stopper


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