Late Registration – Student Procedure


Late registration refers to a practice whereby an institution allows students to register to study even though formal lectures have already begun.



According to the BMH Student Rulebook:

Section 2 – Registration

2.1.5: Students are not allowed to register outside the prescribed and approved registration periods unless the Director grants permission for late registration. Any student that registers after formal lectures have commenced will be required to catch up on all missed work of their own accord.



Step One – On Registration:

Have you received and do you understand your timetable?

YES: proceed to Step Two

NO: Go to the Student Information Desk / Centre and ask one of the assistants for help.

Have you received and read the Student Rulebook?

YES: proceed to Step Two

NO: Go to the Student Information Desk / Centre and ask one of the assistants for help.


Step Two – Attending Your First Lectures

  • At the end of the lecture, introduce yourself to your lecturer and ask whether you can set up a time and place for you to collect the subject outline / any course notes / assignment briefs that have been handed out thus far.
  • Ask the lecturer for a list of textbook chapters / course note readings you will need to cover in order to catch up with the rest of the class.
  • Repeat this for each subject you are registered for.


Step Three – Read & Start Planning

  • As you receive your subject outlines / course notes / textbook chapters needed to catch up with the rest of the class, you need to start reading!
  • Makes notes of sections or concepts you do not understand – write down specific questions you can take to your lecturer and ask for their assistance.
  • Set up an appointment with your lecturer – you may want to give your lecturer your questions before your appointment so that they have an understanding of what you are struggling with upfront.
  • Do not expect your lecturer to re-teach entire sections of work to you – as per the BMH Registration Policy, you are responsible for catching up the missed work.
  • Make a note of your assignment due dates. You will be working on a much tighter deadline than the rest of your class because you have started late. This means having to be diligent about catching up the missed work as well as working on assignments at the same time.
  • Follow the correct procedure if you are thinking about requesting an extension on an assignment due date (refer to Section 5.8 (iv) of your Student Rulebook). Please note: extensions on assignment due dates are granted at the sole discretion of the subject AQAM and lecturer. As a Late Registration student you are not automatically entitled to any extensions on due dates.
  • If you have already missed an assignment due date make an appointment to discuss this with the relevant lecturer. Depending on the situation you may be allowed to submit a Supplementary Request Application.

Step Four – Other Resources

  • Ask to photocopy a classmate’s lecture notes that they’ve taken for the classes you’ve missed. Read these lecture notes together with the prescribed textbook and course note readings to help get a fuller understanding of what has been covered thus far.
  • Ask a classmate to help you catch-up by going through their lecture notes with you – this will be a win-win for both of you because it will act as revision for your classmate.
  • Find out if any of your classmates have formed study groups and ask if you can join them.


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