Where to Look for Casual and Part-Time Jobs

So you’re thinking about taking on a part-time job while you’re studying. Here are some tips on how to go about finding a job that suits you and your schedule.


–Look for vacancies close to home or college. Drop by the local pub, family restaurant and shops and find out if they have any vacancies. Even if they don’t, you could leave your details with them for when something does open up.

–Look for holiday / vac jobs in advance. The retail and hospitality industries all gear up for the busy holiday periods (think March/April and November/December). Many businesses hire casual workers for these periods, so make sure your name is at the top of their list when the time comes to start hiring.

–Are you particularly good at maths, accounting or any other subject? Consider advertising your services as a tutor – place notices on campus or the local high school.

–Use on-line student / part-time job recruitment sites, such as – (click on the site name below):


Safety First:

When looking for or signing up for a new job be sure that you have researched your new employers and fully understand the details of your employment contract (i.e. hours, rate, deductions, leave etc.) – it is up to you to conduct your own due diligence on your new job and employer.

Use your common sense – if a job or pay sounds too good to be true, there a good chance that it is just that. Don’t put yourself in at risk, if you are asked to do or participate in something you are not comfortable with, don’t do it.


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