Casual and Part-Time Work


A growing number of students are taking on part-time employment as a way of funding their education. There are a number of benefits to working while studying:

  • Income – earning an income (no matter how big or small) while studying can help with study loan repayments, covering rent, groceries, transportation, study materials; the list of expenses is endless, right?
  • Budgeting – students who earn their own money are more likely to know how to budget and spend their hard-earned cash more wisely.
  • Time Management – students who work learn how to organise, plan and manage their time effectively.
  • Transferable skills – working part-time provides students with skills that are very much in demand by graduate employers:
    • commercial awareness and exposure to working in a commercial environment
    • teamwork and working with people from diverse backgrounds and with varying personalities
    • initiative and learning to deal with the unexpected

Boston Media House does not offer recruitment services, however we can help you understand the world of part-time work, assist you with tips on finding work and how to balance your work and study life.


  1. What is “part-time” work?
  2. Balancing work and study
  3. Where to look for casual and part-time jobs
  4. Internships & Part-Time Job Opportunities


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