Why You Should Attend Orientation Days

Orientation programmes play a major role in helping new students settle in and get to know the workings of how their campus operates. 


Many of you will experience feelings of anxiety about having to find your way around a new environment, by attending orientation some of your fears and worries will be laid to rest and you will feel more confident about your first day of lectures. Here are a few things you can do to make the most of your orientation experience:

1. Show up!

Orientation programmes are specifically designed to help new students succeed at college. Students who attend orientation are better prepared and more connected to their college than those who just randomly show up on the first day of lectures. Orientation provides you with an opportunity to learn more about campus resources, strategies for academic success and, ways to get involved in campus life and activities.

2. Ask questions

Everything is going to be new. New buildings, new timetable, new people – if you aren’t sure about something or want to find out about something, ASK! If you aren’t comfortable asking in front of a group of people, ask a staff member afterwards.

3. Break out of your comfort zone

Orientation is the perfect time to start making new friends. Say “hi” to another student who is attending the same session as you. Ask questions. Consider joining a campus club or activity.

4. Be patient

Whether you are starting college straight after high school, after years of being out of high school, or you’re returning to continue your studies, chances are you are feeling excited and nervous; chances are you are not the only one. Remember that this is a time of transition, give yourself time to adjust to college life.

Once lectures start you may find that you have new questions based on new experiences and challenges that come with attending college. Refer to the resources you learned about during orientation: staff, lecturers and your peers can all help you navigate your way.


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