Preparing for College 101: Loyalty Programmes

More and more South African retailers and banks are making use of loyalty programmes. Competition is fierce and it’s everyone’s goal to hold onto their existing clients and, hopefully, entice new ones. The best part of it all is that you, the consumer, can now benefit and earn rewards for shopping or using certain services.

Below are five current loyalty programmes you may consider joining as a student:

1. Pick n Pay Smart Shopper


The Pick n Pay Smart Shopper loyalty programme is both simple to use and free to join. All you need to do is fill in a Smart Shopper application form and you are then issued with a Smart Shopper card that you can start earning points on immediately with every purchase at Pick n Pay.

For every R1 you spend at a Pick n Pay, you earn 1 Smart Shopper Point. You can check your points balance, receive notifications of special offers and personalised discount vouchers, and convert, print or download points either at the in store electronic kiosks or via the Pick n Pay Smart Shopper mobile app. Once you have a minimum 500 points (R5.00) you are able to convert your points into cash value which is issued to you in a voucher format and can be used towards paying for your next Pick n Pay purchase.

You can visit the Pick n Pay Smart Shopper web page for more information – click here

2. Clicks ClubCard

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Registering for a Clicks ClubCard is easy, all you need do is complete an application form in hard copy and drop it into the application box in store or fill it in online. You will immediately be issued with a temporary card which you can start earning points on right away, your permanent card will be posted to you within 3 weeks of your application being processed.

For every R5 you spend at a Clicks or any one of its affinity partners, you earn 1 point. Points are converted into Cash-back Rewards which are issued in voucher format via the mail. You need to earn 100 points or more within a two month collection period in order to qualify for a Cash-Back Reward. The Cash-Back vouchers are accompanied with personalised discount vouchers to be used against specific purchases.

Clicks affinity partners include: Musica, Body Shop, Sorbet, Discovery, Spec Savers and Nu Metro, amongst others.

You can learn more about the Clicks ClubCard and its benefits on the Clicks website – click here

3. Edgars Thank U Card

download (3)Membership to the Edgars Thank U loyalty programme is both free and open to both account and non-account holders.  Non-account holders are issued with a Thank U card upon registration, whereas account holders can swap their old account cards for a Thank U card which then acts as both an account and rewards cards.

For every R1.00 you spend at a participating Edcon Group store (i.e. Edgars, Red Square, Boardmans, CNA, Jet, JetMart and Legit), you earn 10 points. You need to earn a minimum of 10 000 points = R10.00, in order to use the points for purchases. You can check you points balance either in store, by creating a profile on the Edgars Club / Thank U website or alternatively it is displayed on your till slip.

You can learn more about the Edgars Thank U Card and how to earn points faster by visiting the Edgars Club / Thank U website – click here

4. FNB eBucks


Qualifying FNB account holders can earn eBucks by simply using their FNB account / bank card to pay for everyday purchases e.g. groceries, petrol etc.  In addition to this they can earn extra eBucks and spend them when using their bank card at eBucks partners i.e. Makro, DisChem, Checkers, CheckersHyper, Shoprite, Shoprite U Save, Incredible Connection, HiFi Corp, Cape Union Mart,,, and more.

Not all FNB account holders qualify for the programme, refer to the eBucks website (click here) for more details on which accounts earn, what the qualify requirements are and how you can maximise your eBucks earns and spending.

5. Absa Rewards


The Absa Reward programme allows members to earn up to 1% back in Cash Rewards on all qualifying Absa debit, cheque and credit card purchases. Members are able to earn additional Cash Rewards when using their Absa card to pay for purchases at an Absa Rewards Partner.

What makes the Absa Rewards programme unique is that you earn back real cash, not points. When redeeming your Cash Rewards you are able to choose how you would like them: cash, airtime, shopping vouchers etc.

The only drawback to the programme is that is includes a monthly fee of R21.00.

For more information on the Absa Rewards programme and how to join visit their website – click here 

*Disclaimer: Neither the author of the Boston Media House Student Wellness Blog, nor Boston Media House, nor any of its staff were compensated in any form in exchange for the product reviews and information provided in this blog post. 


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