Preparing for College 101: Useful Apps for College Students

Believe it or not, mobile applications (apps) are not just for entertainment or providing free ways of communicating. Both Apple and Android have dozens of free apps aimed specifically at the college student market. Below is a list of just some of the useful FREE apps you should consider trying out (click on the App Title or Icon to read more about it):

Planners / Organisers

 1. Studious

Keep track of your lecture times, assignment due dates and more.


2. Any.Do

The ultimate “to-do list” app. Rank tasks by priority, mark as completed, set reminders…the list is endless.

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3.  My Study Life

A paperless planner that keeps track of your timetable, due dates, tasks etc.



1. Evernote

Saves EVERYTHING! Notes, photos, audio recordings, attachments, web articles. Syncs across devices and keeps your stuff safe.

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2. Dropbox

Provides a safe home for your notes, documents, photos, videos. Safe, secure and easy to share.



3. Rescue Time

Monitors your daily online habits so that you can become more productive.

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1. Sworkit

Now you can squeeze in some exercise any time, anywhere.

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2. WebMD

Are those symptoms of the flu or just a serious case of bunkalitus?



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