BMH, Arcadia: YADA Campaign Competition

The staff and students at BMH, Arcadia have joined forces with YADA (Youth Against Drug Abuse) in an effort to eradicate drug use from their campus.


BMH, Arcadia student’s were invited to submit their creative work for a new YADA campaign. The brief being to drive the message home about the destructive nature of drug abuse.

The winning entry, a short film, was submitted by Team Roelof.


The runners-up were Team Rynhard who submitted a poster entry entitled: “Game Over”


BMH, Arcadia is pleased to report that since introducing their anti-drug campaign (which started earlier this year) and combining their efforts with the YADA team a number of students have come forward voluntarily asking for help.

We would like to congratulate BMH, Arcadia staff and students for their efforts and dedication toward making their campus a safe and compassionate place for all, as well as to the winning teams for their fantastic creations.

Please refer to the Policies page of this blog for BMH’s Student Policy on the Possession, Use and Distribution of Illicit Substances